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College Auomation Software: College Automation 2009
( Complete College E.R.M. Software with Students, Employees, Payroll, Accounts and Attendance )

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( Hospital Management with Multi specialty Feature)

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College Automation 2009

College Automation2009 is a very user-friendly and sophisticated College Management Software Package. The package is designed in a special architecture so that the user can operate it with minimum computer knowledge. Tool Tip Text as well as inset helps windows guide each operation. The package is fully customizable to be used for UGC recognized Colleges as well as Private Colleges.
Key Features:
• Students and Employees module, Payroll, Attendance and General Accounts are included in the same package.
• Highly secured using multi level privileges and passwords.
• Any Transaction, which can modify/update cashbook, can be traced (by time, date and the user).
• Simultaneously from different computers, can registered records and make transactions which are protected on the basis of privilege.
• Full featured 100% customizable database search engine.
• Upgradeable to Library management software.
• Fully server based hence independent of workstations.
• Fully optimized database for higher efficiency.
• Directly retrieve data and provision for upload to the website.
• Reports can be exported to any formats (i,e, Word, Excel, Acrobat etc.)
System Requirement:
Operating System : Windows XP/Vista for Workstations and Windows 2000/XP for Server.
Server : Intel Dual Core processor 1.8 GHz and above/80 GB HDD/256 MB RAM
Workstation : Intel P-IV or Celeron Processor 1.5 GHz and above/128MB RAM
History: We have started our journey in college sector in the middle of the year 2006, designed the College management software for Anandaram Dhekiel Phookan College, Nagaon. On the year 2007, we have developed the customized package for college by named College Automation 2.0. This software is highly praised by the leading colleges in Assam. In the last of year 2008, our developers designed and developed the software "College Automation 2009". This is the result of the suggestions made by our clients and prolonged engagement in college sector by our staffs.

Overview of College Automation 2009:
At the date of admission, it is not possible to input all the records of the students in the software. So by this software, input the student's mandatory fields only. every student will get a unique Student identification number (SID). If the student's record is already registered in the software, then his/her data can be retrieved from the software. After data entry the students name is entered in the software, then the student will be displayed in the cash counter, so that cashier can receive the fees from that student.
After the admission process or simultaneously, can entry the complete details as well as the subjects chosen of the student. One can edit the personal details and subjects chosen also. The user can printout the students record under different category i,e, shift wise, gender wise, caste wise, religion wise. The user can export the reports to any other formats and any location. Can printout the students list under major subject and as well as subject chosen. Displayed the students along with combination subjects under a particular subject.
In this software, there is a provision for records the students mark for different types of examination. provision for printout the marksheet of the student and also view the records of marks along with percentage of marks for all students under an examination.
Under this software, can generate the identity card of the student and also studentship certificate. Prior to printout I-card, it will displayed all the money receipt along with date of payment made by the student under this session.
Students attendance also be kept in this software. Registration Number, Extra curricular activities of the student can also be kept.

Employees personal records are stored in this module and can be printout the list of employees. In this module, salary structure of the employees (sanctioned Teaching and Non-teaching) and wages structure for the Non-sanctioned employees can be stored and also be edited. In salary structure, merger and DA are automatically calculated depending upon the input respective percentage rate. HRA and IR(for Non-teaching) is also automatically calculated. Increment for salary is also displayed. Then provision for generate Aquittance Roll for both the teaching and Non-teaching employees. Individual pay slip for the employees can be issued.
Employees module are one of the major backbone of the software. Every employees will register their attendance by using their respective passwords. Records their date and time of entry. Attendance report is available on monthly basis.
Service Book is also available in the software.

In this software, provision for create own college funds and their respective account heads under this. Cash Receipt, Cheque Receipt, Cash Payment and Cheque Payment under Account head as well as their Fund is available. Their is provision for check out the all transaction prior to posting to their respective cashbook.
Here, accountant can set Fee structures comprises of different Account head and respective amount, so that cashier can easily receive the amount from the student. The total amount is automatically fragmented into different account heads depending upon the fee structure. In this software, can receive the fees under monthly installment system.
By this software, can maintain the Cash in hand amount. At the time of cashbook posting the closing cash in hand is automatically updated and treat as next days opening cash in hand.
Provision for daily wise Fund closing ,so that generate cashbook under different funds. This cashbook is also printable. One more report is there to show all the transactions day wise.
Fund transfer is also available. Fund status and Account status is also available.

The database is protected by multi level password authentication system. Each user will get a user account identified by a User ID and a password. Depending upon the designation or job of the user the administrator can grant privileges to the users, which are fully customizable. The user can access only that part of the database for which he has got privilege. Any transaction/modification made by the user is recorded by the package. So he/she can be traced at any time.
By User: College Automation 2009 is a very user-friendly package. The user is guided through the installation process with the help of wizards.
By SSTech: SSTech’s Software Engineer shall help in the installation of the software, if desired.
We have a Helpdesk @ 0361-2139262 to listen to customers problems. Moreover, we have an efficient group of service engineers engaged in different locations to rectify the problems at the earliest. We also provide resident service engineers on paid basis if required by the customer. Online support is also available over the net.
We have successfully carried out the computerization of 50 numbers of UGC recognized colleges in North-east of India.
Our Executive will be at your doorstep for Live Demonstration of "College Automation 2009" on your interest. you can avail your interest by sending an E-mail to software@sstechindia.com.
Free College Website is offering along with College Automation 2009 software. The offer valid upto 31st March 2011.



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