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Is a satellite broadband connectivity that provides Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions that ultimately provides the solution for remote connectivity. Through VSAT, you can directly access the files that are being stored inside the remote site computer and can also carry out transferring, sharing and downloading of files with the help of any online software besides running normal Internet applications.VSAT is Very Small Aperture Terminal.

 Why go for VSAT solution?

 1. No downtime (network remains ON close to 99.5% as per trial and test method because we have two secondary hubs apart from a primary hub).

 2. Act as a back-up (our powerful router and 2 watt radio acts as weather shield from any bad weather and can support upto 6 mbps and with its strong compression ratio it gives at least 64 kbps even if there is network link failure).
 3. Quality of service assured (we have a dedicated team of engineers who are deployed in each and every N-E region to fix up any problem related to VSAT and we assure replacement of hardware within 10 hours).
 4. It provides WAN solutions and support FTP server that makes it quite easy and convenient in sharing, transferring and downloading of files without following the cumbersome process of attaching the files on e-mail and then sending it (for a 8 MB file, it takes 6-7 minutes to send it to the client server).
 5.  If your project site is shifted to another location VSAT can also be shifted.
 6. All our plans are high speed, unlimited downloads and multiple user plans. Our hardware cost is the cheapest in India.

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VSAT Sales on Outright @ Rs.56,650/-

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